Remy Martin V Homepage Takeover

With 3 centuries of craftsmanship and a portfolio of globally recognized cognac brands, Remy Martin remains one of the biggest cognac producers in the world. Continually adding new beverage styles to its collection of signature favorites, this legacy brand remains current with shifting demographics and flavor palettes.

To increase attention around Remy Martin V, its new clear brandy, Remy Martin teamed up with Majic, 102.1, Houston’s R&B Urban Adult Contemporary radio station. This strategic collaboration would help expose the strong listening base of 102.1 to Remy Martin V while also generating buzz prior to its release.

Grabbing the user’s attention with high impact placements, 5 Line Designs implemented a homepage takeover for the Majic 102.1 website. Donned in red, black and gold tones, the background skin and billboards prominently featured the Remy Martin V bottle. Equipped with a collapsible header, the drop down area displayed a countdown clock, informing the user of the eventual release. With images of ice cold cocktails and the zoomed in features of the elegant bottle, this website design attracted and informed Houston music lovers when to purchase this one of a kind spirit.